Light Show Gloves, Poi and Light Graffiti!

This is a place for Light Show artists to meet as a community.

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1INTROS Empty INTROS on Sat Jul 31, 2010 2:39 pm


Post them here!

I'm ZERO. I'm the Admin. Ive been playing with lights for around 8 years. Started with glowsticks and glowstringing.
Everyone treat each other with respect here or you get the boot! LOL

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2INTROS Empty Re: INTROS on Sun Aug 01, 2010 2:35 pm

lol omgz hai guyz i'm diglet Very Happy

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3INTROS Empty Re: INTROS on Sat Sep 04, 2010 12:55 am

What up and what it do? I'm vorelord aka Titan(vorelord's my digital handle) and I'm just getting into gloving. Been at it for 4-5 months now. I hope to meet some cool peeps and maybe take my game up a notch or two ^_^

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4INTROS Empty All hail Megatron! on Mon Sep 06, 2010 7:45 pm

What upp?? My names Richard or Megatron nice too unofficially meet you if we haven't met and to those who know me well then this doesn't concern you but what upp bitchezz? I'm currently 20 years of age I live in La Mirada LA County but I'm hardly home cause I'm all over LA all the time. Uh.. Rusko, Boys Noize & Wolfgang Gartner are GODS! Rave is KING! Decpticons are too legit too quit! If you agree your awsome and let's kick it! If you don't agree your Probly an Autobot which is LAME!! But we should still kick it! As you can tell I'm way to into Transformers so deal with it! Yes I'm a wierdo I know but you probly are too and if your say your normal your probly a liar and if your not then we still probly shouldn't kick it because normal people scare me and always judge so yeah that's that soo that's my introduction so


Didn't read this post before I posted mine but ehh soo here it is again :p

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5INTROS Empty Re: INTROS on Thu Oct 21, 2010 10:22 am

Hello E,veryone

This is my first post and i am dedicating this to the Introduction Forum as per the forum rules. Before introducing myself, You can call me: Xuan,i would just like to thank the Administrator of this forum for giving me opportunity to join this community. I'm positively looking forward to the forum and its members, hope all will guide, share and help me to increase my knowledge. My hobies include love animals, watching movies,playing game, listening music & making friendz. Nice to meet you.

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